Oolong’s story

About 6 months after Secret has passed away, we decided that it was time for Noah to have a playmate. We visited the Hawaii Cat Cafe, which was still in their soft opening. While there, we met Oolong and his brother Boba. They were two of three kittens (the third named Mocha), who had been found and cared for by a volunteer of the Oahu SPCA. On our visit to the cafe, Oolong climbed up Bob’s back, so in a way, he picked us. We submitted our application for adoption after spending an hour in the cafe.

The next day, we received word that we were approved. Oolong became the 7th cat adopted from the Hawaii Cat Cafe!

Oolong and Noah do not always get along. Oolong likes to play (and plays rougher) than Noah. Yet often at feeding time, Noah nudges Oolong to get some social grooming, and Oolong usually obliges.

Oolong on adoption day (we had woken him up from a nap to take him home)
A look at his belly stripes!