Noah’s story

Noah was likely less than 3 weeks old when we found him in July 2010 outside the parking garage of our condo building. He was so small he fit in one hand. We were about to go out of town, but the humane society didn’t have any foster families to care for him, so we were able to convince our cat sitter to take care of him until our return. Our older cat Secret was not keen on sharing the house with a new kitty, so Noah was kept elsewhere while we were gone.

Upon our return, out cat sitter picked us up with Noah, and told us he had fleas! And so began Noah’s adventures with water. We bathed him in the kitchen sink on a few occasions to help with the fleas, and because he hadn’t figured out how to groom.

Eventually Noah learned to groom from Secret, and Secret learned to tolerate Noah. But Noah continues to enjoy the water. We can usually carry him into the shower and he will get wet while drinking the water coming from the shower head. Or he will get in the shower and drink up on his own!

Noah on the shower floor